What to do when you receive your crystals at home?

You have just received your Verdevela order, you already have it in your hands and now you are wondering, what do I do now? Below you will find a small guide with all the steps you have to take to get your crystals ready and start enjoying them.

1. Admire them. 

I'm sorry but I couldn't skip this step. Aren't they really precious? Enjoy this moment. In fact, this is what mindfulness is all about, enjoying the moment and the little things. And what better way to do it than to take your time opening your package and enjoying your minerals. Crystals are infinitely beautiful, just like you.

2. Clean them.

Clean the crystals of past or negative energies, or of energies that have remained stagnant in the crystal .

There are different ways to clean your minerals, but NOT ALL CAN BE CLEANED THE SAME. They can be cleaned with water (running water or submerged in the sea), with salt, with smoke... Personally, the way I always recommend is to clean them with palo santo or incense, since there is no margin for error. All minerals can be cleaned with palo santo, however not all minerals can be cleaned with water or salt. If you decide to clean them with water or salt, you must make sure beforehand that your minerals, in particular, can be cleaned in this way and I recommend that you verify the information. You'd be surprised how much conflicting information you can find on the internet.

How can you clean them with palo santo? It is very simple. Light your palo santo until it has lit well and has a flame. Leave the flame burning for a few seconds and then extinguish it by shaking the palo santo. Once the palo santo begins to smoke, pass that smoke around your crystals for a few minutes or as long as you consider. As you do this, hold in your mind the intention that any trace of negativity be removed from your crystal and that it be completely cleansed.

3. Charge them.

Once clean, touch load or activate them. 

You may be wondering what this loading of minerals is or what it is needed for. You can imagine, for example, why you charge the battery of your mobile. When you charge your crystals, you charge their energy, their vibration and amplify their power.

How can you load your minerals? They can be charged with sunlight, with the moon, with the earth, for example, by placing them next to a tree or if you can't, in a pot. 

If you charge them with the sun, I recommend doing it first thing in the morning, when the sun is not yet very strong, for about 5-10 minutes. Some minerals such as rose quartz, amethyst or citrine can lose their color intensity when exposed to direct sunlight. For this reason, we recommend charging them for a short time and always first thing in the morning, when the sun is not yet very strong.

You can also charge them with the moon. The most common questions that arise here are the following: 

Does it necessarily have to be with a full moon? No. You can charge them with a full moon, but not necessarily.

What if the moonlight doesn't touch him? If you can't leave them outside, place your crystals in a bowl next to a window. It's okay if the moonlight doesn't touch them directly. You have to adapt to the possibilities that each one has.

You can also leave them for 5-10 minutes next to a tree or in a pot. In fact, did you know that there are minerals that can benefit the growth of your plants? This is a 2 for 1!

4. Schedule your crystals. 

Once your crystal is clean and charged, it is time for you to connect with your crystal. Programming the crystal is the way to connect with it, to give it an intention or purpose. Ideally, you should program it according to its properties.

Steps to program your crystal: 

  • First of all, be clear about what you want to program it for. If you want to improve your self-esteem, describe precisely in which areas of your life you want to feel more secure and confident, or if, for example, you want to attract success, describe precisely what success is about, what are you specifically thinking about.
  • Choose the crystal that is most suitable for your intention. For example, if you want to attract money, your crystal could be pyrite or citrine, but if you want to attract love, you should choose rose quartz. 
  • Hold the crystal in your hands and breathe deeply and calmly. Feel how you are relaxing with each breath.
  • Formulate your programming inside yourself or out loud, as you prefer. You can formulate your programming with a positive affirmation, for example, if you wanted to improve your self-esteem, you could affirm the following: 
        • I am a self-confident person and that is how others perceive it. 
        • I radiate security and confidence.
        • Every day I love myself more. 
        • I am proud to be who I am. 
        • I'm proud of myself. 
        • I feel happy to be becoming the person I want to be.

Another way you can program your crystals is by saying, “I program this crystal for…[your purpose].

After programming your crystals you can blow your crystal as if all the affirmations or programming were brought into it by blowing.

  • Finish by connecting with the energy of your crystal and say “Thank you, it is done”.

5. Use them daily

Now don't forget your crystal. Use it daily. Hold it in your hands, two or three times a day or as many as you want! If you feel it, you can also reschedule or repeat the affirmation throughout the day. 

When you feel that your programming has already been fulfilled or you want to modify it, repeat the process again. How often, you ask? It can be every week, for example, when you do your reset on Sunday, every month... There is no single way to do it, so I recommend that you do it when you feel it is necessary.

Now you are ready to start using your crystals!

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