Workbook Design and manifest your year
Workbook Design and manifest your year
Workbook Design and manifest your year
Workbook Design and manifest your year

Workbook Design and manifest your year

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Design and manifest your year.

Can you imagine everything you can create and the person you can become in just one year?

This Workbook will be your manual for intentionally designing and manifesting your year . We are not talking about making a list of resolutions, but about looking within and finding out what you really want in each area of ​​your life, what emotions you want to feel and what person you want to become.

It is the perfect mix between manifestation and planning . We won't leave anything to chance! We will find out what you want to manifest through different exercises, taking advantage of your feminine energy (your most creative and imaginative side), but we will not stop there, but we will develop an action plan for each of your purposes/projects, making use of your masculine energy (your more rational and organizational side).

Set your goals and purposes like never before! And remember that you can do the exercises in this Workbook at any time of the year , it does not necessarily have to be January 1st. You have the ability to change your life at any time, whenever you decide!

What is Design and manifest your year?

  • It is a manual to guide you and help you figure out what it is that you really want to manifest and create in your coming year.

  • We guide you through some reflection exercises so that you can analyze how your life is currently , and how your last year has been. It is necessary to close a chapter of your life before starting a new one.

  • You will visualize yourself being your best version and you will establish what you want to manifest in the different areas of your life: personal development, family, friendships, professional career...
  • And you will learn to establish an aligned action plan to manifest and materialize your goals.

What will you find in this workbook?

  • 125 pages full of essential and practical content ready to be applied.
  • You will be able to know with the system that I have been using for a long time to achieve my goals intentionally.
  • You will learn to plan your life in projects, and in turn, to manage those projects on an annual, quarterly and monthly level.
  • A safe space in which you can be honest with yourself, without fear and without prejudice.

It is for you if:

1. You believe in yourself and are ready to use your full potential.

2. You believe in your dreams and you are looking forward to making them come true.

3. You know you are made for more.

4. You are ready to inhabit your best version.

5. You want to work on yourself and your personal growth, once and for all.

6. Are you ready for this to be your year: the year in which you become your best version!

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