Monthly Planner
Monthly Planner
Monthly Planner
Monthly Planner

Monthly Planner

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Organize your month to achieve everything you set out to do with this downloadable monthly planner!

Do you feel like you're wasting time, or that time passes very quickly, yet you can't get everything you'd like to do? So let me tell you that what you lack is not time, but putting order in your life and establishing priorities.

Organizing and planning your goals, month by month, is key to ending the year having achieved, if not all, almost all of your goals, purposes, or projects.

What will you find in this planner? In this monthly planner you will find different blocks so that you can organize absolutely your entire life:

Monthly organization:

  • Monthly planner: You fill it out at the beginning of the month to organize your most important goals, objectives and tasks. It is the basis of your entire month.
  • Projects: You fill it out at the beginning of the month. There are 10 pages for you to develop each of your goals or projects. Creating a to-do list for your goal will make your job easier, since you will know where to start at all times. Once you establish your task list, choose which ones you will be doing this month and when (set a week).
  • Monthly Journal: Respond to the monthly journal prompts to focus your energy.

Weekly organization:

  • Weekly view: A global vision of your week so that you write down the most important things and what you should not forget. Go through the project pages and organize the tasks you have set for each week.
  • Habit tracker: Keep a weekly and daily control of your habits.
  • Meal planner: Organize your meals and your shopping list, weekly, so you don't waste time in your day to day, not knowing what to eat.
  • Workout planner: Organize your physical activities weekly.

Daily organization: Each day you will have 2 daily pages. The first page is designed for you to work together with your feminine energy through journaling, gratitude and affirmations. The second page is ideal for organizing and planning your day through your masculine energy: schedules, tasks, priorities, unforeseen events...

Closing and final reflection of the month : At the end of the month, you will have a journaling exercise to close the month by reflecting on the goals and objectives that you set yourself at the beginning of the month.
This planner does not have dates, so you can use it every month. The download is immediate. You will not receive a physical product.

The download is immediate. You will not receive a physical product.

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