How it all started

I could say that Verdevela was born almost without expecting it. It all started when I decided to make my first vegan candles. At that time, there was not yet a wide variety of vegan candles on the market, so I began to investigate how I could make them, how the scents work, what was the best way to mix them... And almost without realizing it, I entered the world! beautiful world of candles!

It was not until a year later that the idea of ​​creating Verdevela arose. At that time, Verdevela was just an idea in my head, but over time (and a lot of effort), that idea came to life and I began to share what I had learned making candles on social networks. A little later came the website and the first sales of my handmade candles.

A delicately cared for space to guide you towards a more natural, slow and sustainable lifestyle.

But with the first sales, I realized that I didn't just want to sell candles; I wanted to create a community that was deeply moved and inspired by the same thing that I am: a natural, sustainable and respectful life, both with the environment and with animals.

I could say that nature is my source of inspiration and that everything I create is, without a doubt, a reflection of this natural connection with the Earth and the seasons. More and more, I try that all this is transmitted in my creations, and that these, in turn, can help you lead a slower and more sustainable lifestyle.

Because sometimes we all need to pause our clock, enjoy ourselves and the present moment. Without thinking about anything else.

Learn to create with your own hands what you imagine in your head.

Creating with my hands makes me tremendously happy, and after posting everything I've learned about making candles, I've realized that many of you do too. This is why I ventured to teach what I know, to help creative souls who, like me, only seek to learn to create in a thousand different ways, to express our creativity in many different ways.

Be that as it may, I hope you find here what you are looking for and that this place (even if it is digital) makes you a little happier!