What are Viking runes and what is their meaning

viking runes
What are Viking runes?
Viking runes are symbols that are part of the alphabet used, at the time, by the Vikings. They are a tool that you can use to help you make decisions and know where you have to direct your energy, by asking questions. Usually, these types of tools are used when looking for answers. In other words, we could say that it is an oracle.

How do you use the Viking runes?

Put all the runes inside the bag and ask your question. Decide how many runes you want to take out of your bag, you can take only one or several. You have to take them out without looking, of course! Once you have chosen your runes, interpret their meaning.

Sailgreen Viking Runes

meaning of viking runes

Rune Symbol Meaning Grants
Fehu Abundance. Success and wealth.
Uruz Change stage. Willpower and decision.
Thurisaz Protection, new beginnings and regeneration. Good luck.
Ansuz Positive energy and wisdom. Inspiration and conciliation.
Frayed Goals and trips/displacements. Security.
Kano Creativity and inspiration. Energy, strength and power.
Gebo Friendship and love. Hope and success.
Wunjo Happiness and serenity. Joy and success.
Hagalaz Eliminate negative energy. Perseverance in the face of unforeseen events.
Nauthiz creativity and intelligence Patience and overcoming.
Isa Personal growth. Kindness and generosity.
Jera Well-being and abundance. Inner peace and balance.
eihwaz Protection, strength and defense. Spiritual connection and wisdom.
Perth Start of a new project. Mental health.
Algiz Protection and defense. Positive energy and protection.
Sowelu Symbol of Success and achievements. inner order.
tyr Resistance and value. Success of purposes and goals.
berkana Fertility and birth. Abundance and support.
ehwaz Changes and transformation. Protection against negative energy.
mannaz Modesty. Eliminate negative energy and dissolve envy.
laguz Knowledge. Creativity and spiritual awakening.
ingwaz Evolution. Effective problem solving.
Dagaz growth and renewal abundance and success.
Odal Possession and/or inheritance

Abundance and protection of our property.

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